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About Zeghani

In 2008, Zeghani came into existence as the passion project of two brothers. Zeghani builds its collections around the image that jewellery should match the personalities and styles of the women who wear the pieces. Due to that mindset, each collection theme creates surprising, glamorous jewellery that resonates with women in different ways. Here at GMG Jewellers, we're pleased to be able to offer the six collections from Zeghani to our customers, meaning that if you're in the market for bridal or fashion jewellery from an atelier designer, you're sure to find what you're looking for when you visit our showroom today.

Popular Collections of Zeghani

The Blindingly Beautiful collection is focused on the woman who wants to revel in the beauty of luxury, taking in the best that jewellery has to offer and letting the colour and shine drape around her like a shawl. Blindingly Beautiful engagement ringsnecklacesearrings, and wedding bands all put diamonds front and center, turning the jewellery into 14k white gold frames into which glittering white diamonds can be encrusted. Alternatively, the Classic Beauty collection prefers a subdued look that embraces timeless minimalism: Slender bands typify this collection, and if you prefer your diamonds to be accents rather than show-stoppers, you may find a lot to love with these pieces.

Additional Zeghani Collections

Two collections from Zeghani provide a gorgeous study in contrasts. First, the Vintage Vixen collection is inspired by the early 20th century. With bold geometric lines, architectural inspiration, and forward-looking exuberance that embody the Art Deco period, and milgrain beading and floral-paisley of the earlier Art Nouveau period. The Vintage Vixen collection is perfect for the women that is attracted to "old world" craftsmanship. The curated "urbanity" of the Vintage Vixen collection contrasts with the unlimited wild beauty that inspires the Nature Lover collection. Beyond the graceful gold vines and tendrils you can find in the engagement rings, Nature Lover adds diamond-studded rose gold "berries" and blossoms to its glamorous fashion jewellery.

Why Shop for Zeghani at GMG Jewellers?

For over 30 years, GMG Jewellers has been finding the most amazing brands of jewellery designers to turn the spotlight on. Zeghani represents one of the brands that wow our customers, but we also carry an array of other arthouse designers' jewellery that we know you'll adore. If you're interested in fashion or bridal jewellery, keep us in mind. Our loose diamonds are certified by GIA and AGS, meaning we're available to fit a glamorous setting with the right jewel for you. If you're curious about Zeghani or our services, don't hesitate to contact us at (306) 665-8463 or visit us at our Saskatoon, Saskatchewan showroom!