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Characteristics of Necklaces

From Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor, necklaces have sparked the imagination of women since the earliest days of recorded history. The beauty of the contemporary era comes from designers' ability to pair remarkable modern materials with the styles that have been honed over millennia. Here at GMG Jewellers, we strive to showcase only the finest collections of necklaces for our customers, giving them a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover something that speaks to their personal aesthetic. From flawless diamonds to richly coloured gemstones; from 925 sterling silver to 18k rose gold, GMG Jewellers has a design that will complement your wardrobe and look.

Popular Necklace Collections

Here at GMG Jewellers, we showcase necklaces from designers like Henri Daussi. Famed for their yellow diamond engagement rings and special cushion-cut diamonds, Henri Daussi sculpts its necklaces to resemble its engagement rings: Big halos of alternating shades of gold are pave-set with white diamonds. These halos surround either white or yellow diamonds whose cushion shape shows off the canary colour of the gem. Speaking of colour, you'll find some luxurious gemstone looks among the Simon G. collections. Rubies, opals, and even watermelon tourmaline come together in the Classic Romance line, accentuated with filigrees of gold and vintage arrangements of diamonds.

Additional Necklace Collections

If you'd prefer modern necklaces to vintage-inspired ones, you may want to browse the collections from Michael M. Their necklaces are sculpted from bold geometric lines and assemblages of shapes. While sticking to minimalist delight, they fit their circles, squares, and triangles with entire treasure troves with pave-set diamonds. Alternatively, you can also take a look at Hearts on Fire. Where Michael M revels in minimalism, the Aerial collection is whimsical at its heart. Leaves, feathers, wings, stars-all of these themes come through in the glittering necklaces from the designer of "the world's most perfectly cut diamond".

Why Shop at GMG Jewellers?

GMG Jewellers opened its doors in 1984, and in the decades since, we've strived to ensure that every year, we've added to our already prodigious collection of bridal and fashion jewellery. This means that when you visit our showroom, you'll find the most remarkable pieces in all of Saskatoon. We invite you to stop by and visit to see for yourself; our fashion jewelry is something you can admire for generations. The luxury you love to see in a necklace is something that's an everyday event at GMG Jewellers, and if you're interested, stop by our Saskatoon, Saskatchewan showroom or contact us at (306) 665-8463!