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Bleu Royale
Bleu Royale
Bleu Royale

Bleu Royale



Characteristics of Bleu Royale Men's Wedding Bands

Bleu Royale is a name fit for a king, and here at GMG Jewellers, we have a particular fondness for this brand of men's wedding bands. As one of the designer imprints of the esteemed CrownRing brand, the Bleu Royale line not only takes advantage of the excellence that CrownRing does so well, but adds a certain masculine flair. When you look at a Bleu Royale ring on its side, you'll immediately notice the extremely thick profile, which not only makes the piece more durable, but adds a weightiness that make men's wedding bands unique.

Popular Collections of Bleu Royale Men's Wedding Bands

Of course, it's not just thickness that makes a Bleu Royale wedding band special. Rather than sticking to coloured stones to create a sense of refinement, the designer works satin and ice-crackle finishes into gold. In that way, a Bleu Royale piece manages to express an exuberance in design without sacrificing any masculine asceticism. Another look that our customers appreciate is the hammered band. As if repeatedly indented with a ballpeen hammer, the repoussé gives a band a unique patina. Repoussé hammering can also take the form of interlocking rectangles; Bleu Royale also offers wedding bands with milling (like the side of a coin) crafted into the gold.

Two-tone gold patterns are a common feature of Bleu Royale pieces too. Blue Royale manages to pair two different shades of gold in such a way that they complement each other perfectly. The organic blush of rose gold is a great pairing with the cool iciness of white gold. Of course, if you're interested in something cutting-edge while maintaining the beauty of gold, you can opt for Bleu Royale men's wedding bands with inlays of black carbon fiber. This ultra-lightweight, ultra-durable material is also a shade of matte black that pairs well with the lustre of gold.

Why Shop at GMG Jewellers?

We mentioned that Bleu Royale rings don't need to rely on stones for their beauty, but even still, those options are on the table. Sapphires, white diamonds, and black diamond are deeply set into certain bands, with burnished stones, channel and bezel settings, and recessed prongs showing off the colour of these gems without subjecting them to damage. If you're interested in men's wedding bands from Bleu Royale or the other CrownRing brands-or you're looking for a great women's wedding bands to pair with it-don't hesitate to contact GMG Jewellers today at (306) 665-8463, or visit us at our Saskatoon, Saskatchewan showroom!