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Investing in Gold and Silver

Historically, gold and silver have been seen as valuable commodities. Today, these precious metals are used for secure investment opportunities. Also, it is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. 
Globally, gold is the most widely accepted form of currency. This can provide financial security in an uncertain economy and protect against a fluctuating currency.

What contributes to the cost of purchasing bullion and coins?

The price of bullion products is based on the international gold and silver market prices, which vary daily. At GMG Jewellers, we will use the price of gold/silver on the day you make your investment

Buy Gold

Gold/silver coins and gold bullion currently available at GMG Jewellers:

1/4oz-5oz Gold Coins and bars.
1 Ounce Silver Coins

Quantity of coins and bullion is dependent on availability and demand. 

For today's gold/ silver pricing and to make your order please call (306)665-8463 or email