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Ladies Wedding Bands


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Characteristics of Ladies' Wedding Bands

Since the earliest days of history, women have been wearing bands on their fingers to symbolize their commitment and love. From ancient Rome to the Visigoths and from the Middle Ages to the modern day, wedding bands have been treasured by women who want to express themselves with beauty and refinement. Here at GMG Jewellers, we're pleased to offer glamorous ladies' wedding bands from the top designers in the industry, and their beauty comes through in every collection. Whether you've a passion for diamonds, coloured gemstones, or different shades of precious metals, we have the right wedding band at GMG Jewellers!

Popular Collections of Ladies' Wedding Bands

One of the most modern collections of ladies' wedding bands comes from Québec-based Claude Thibaudeau. Their Les Inséparables collection is accurately named: Flowing pairings of different shades of gold show how asymmetry can be phenomenally beautiful, and that beauty is accentuated by brushstrokes of gold and unusual half-bezels that show off the diamonds it holds in place. Alternatively, if you appreciate a different kind of modernity, the Carlex G2 collection is ideal. There's something utterly unique about brushed metal bands onto which diamond-studded panels of differently-coloured gold are screwed down (with gold screws, no less)!

Women's Wedding Bands

Noam Carver is another innovative designer, and their collection of ladies' wedding bands is distinguished by their use of coloured gems that circle the gold bands. Rubies and tsavorite, as well as black diamond and sapphire, can be found in the exceptional collection offered by Noam Carver. The multiple colours of the gemstones complement the coloured gold, as well as the mysterious patina of platinum. The Alternative Metal Gold collection from Madani is made entirely from semi-matte white ceramic that looks like a fresh layer of snow. This ultra-durable, lightweight material boasts a centre band of richly textured gold and multicoloured sapphires and diamonds.

Why Shop for Ladies' Wedding Bands at GMG Jewellers?

As you can see from our collections of designer wedding bands, we've treasured creative designs, unique materials, and phenomenal uniqueness for the more than 35 years we've been in business. Here at GMG Jewellers, our passion for the unexpected is treasured by brides-to-be who yearn for something that reflects her personality and aesthetic to a T. If you're interested in designer ladies' wedding bands, particularly those amazing looks we offer at our showroom, don't hesitate to get in contact with us. Call us today at (306) 665-8463 to be paired for the wedding band of your dreams!