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GMG Lashbrook

Characteristics of Lashbrook Jewellery

Lashbrook Jewelry was founded in 2000 but its roots go back much farther to western pioneers in the United States. Lashbrook is named after one such pioneer, Eric Laker. With such a background, it's no wonder that Lashbrook has been a pioneer in jewelry. Based in Draper, Utah, Lashbrook is truly a desert rose. Their rings are crafted out of unique, authentic materials, such as meteorite and titanium. Each ring draws the eye with its breathtaking beauty and intrepid design. The range of styles is simply astounding; there is truly something for everyone. To date, Lashbrook has won many awards for its innovative designs.

Popular Lashbrook Jewellery Collections at GMG Jewellers

One of Lashbrook's most popular collections is Camo. The camouflage and nature patterns capture the heartbeat of the wilderness and make these 36 styles perfect for the lover of the outdoors. They are a breath of fresh air in more ways than one. Reminiscent of a black hole, Zirconium rings are fathomless and mysterious. The luxurious black rings are sleek as silk. Lashbrook's method for creating their Carbon Fiber rings is one of a kind. Carbon fiber is inlaid on rings, creating a distinctive pattern. A special characteristic of carbon fiber is that it is undeniably solid yet exquisitely lightweight, making it the perfect choice for a wedding band.
Master artisans blend together two different types of stainless steel to create Damascus Steel. The resulting pattern looks like ripples in a silver pool, creating a serene and fascinating look. The steely, lustrous beauty of Cobalt Chrome rivals that of precious metals. However, Cobalt Chrome is much more heavy-duty; it has the strength of aerospace grade alloys. Hardwood rings are made with genuine hardwood from all over the world. Their style is natural. No two pieces of hardwood are the same, making each glossy ring a unique masterpiece.

Why Shop for Lashbrook Jewellery at GMG Jewellers?

Since 1984, GMG Jewellers has offered stylish, luxury-grade produced by expert artisans. Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada, we offer a variety of services, from timely jewellery repair to custom design. Our location makes us convenient for nearby cities such as Prince Albert, Yorkton, and Regina. We are family-owned and operated, and our stunning collections are authentic and diverse. Looking for a unique, meaningful piece? Searching for exceptional, professional service? Contact us today!