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The Everlasting Beauty of Eternity Style Wedding Bands

Read our piece on eternity style wedding bands and fall in love with this exquisite bridal ring look!

Woman With Flowers

Created as a symbol of never-ending love, eternity wedding bands make up some of the loveliest pieces of luxury-quality bridal jewellery pieces available at GMG Jewellers today. Featuring pieces by Noam Carver, Hearts on Fire, Tacori, and others, at GMG Jewellers we are proud to offer one of Saskatoon’s largest selection of designer eternity style bands, and are ready to help our clients find the wedding ring perfect for bringing a lifetime of romantic satisfaction and enjoyment to a wearer’s life.

If you’re still not sure whether or not an eternity wedding band is right for you, we’ve listed here some of the reasons we love these bands, so you can you see for yourself why an eternity diamond band might be the perfect choice for you!

Reason #1: Exquisite Diamond Brilliance

Probably the most important reason for choosing an eternity style wedding band, is for the amazing amount of natural diamond fire and brilliance that every piece emits. Typically held through the usage of prong, pave, or channel settings, the diamonds that are featured in an eternity wedding band are placed in such a way as to optimize the amount of light that can pass through each stone.

Eternity Wedding Bands From Noam Carver Available at GMG Jewellers

(Eternity Wedding Bands from Noam Carver)

Additionally, if you might want something a little less blinding, eternity style wedding bands can also be found in “half-eternity” styles (such as those pictured above from Noam Carver), which are covered with diamonds only half-way down the band. Half-eternity style wedding bands are a fabulous way to get the awe-inspiring sparkle of an eternity ring without being too overwhelming or overpowering.

Reason #2: Massive Variety

In addition to this amazing level of brilliance, eternity wedding bands are also extremely popular because of the massive variety of styles, fashions, and types they are available in today. Right now at GMG Jewellers our customers are able to choose from a massive selection of eternity bands made of an array of precious metals and covered with diamonds of all shapes. For example, we are proud to offer eternity bands crafted with traditional precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum, as well as a large selection of “alternative metals” including cobalt, titanium, tungsten, and more.

Eternity Wedding Bands from Hearts on Fire Available at GMG Jewellers

(Eternity Wedding Bands from Hearts on Fire)

In line with this variety of metals, eternity bands can also be found covered in not only classic white diamonds, but also pink diamonds, black diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other stunning gemstones. With such a stunning variety, finding the ideal eternity wedding band is simple at GMG Jewellers.

Reason #3: Exceptional Romance

As important as brilliance and variety, another popular reason that we see at GMG Jewellers for picking an eternity style wedding band, is for the timeless sense of sentimentality that the pieces emit. Meant to symbolize the never-ending love shared between a couple, eternity bands are a romantic way to show your special someone that you’ll be theirs forever.

Eternity Wedding Bands from Tacori Available at GMG Jewellers

(Eternity Wedding Bands from Tacori)

More than just for newlyweds, half-eternity style bands also are a common gift for wedding 10 th, 20th, 50th, and all other significant wedding anniversaries.

Visit GMG Jewellers for More Fabulous Eternity Style Wedding Bands Today!

Located in downtown Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, GMG Jewellers is your leading source for the very best in eternity wedding band styles available today. In addition to the  Noam Carver, Hearts on Fire, and  Tacori pieces pictured above, GMG Jewellers has the great privilege to also offer a wide selection of diamond-covered pieces by modern designers such as  CrownRing Simon G Madani Lashbrook, and many others.

Bride and Groom

Also, GMG Jewellers proudly extends on-site customization, personalization, and engraving services, to make the gift of an eternity wedding bands all that more special and original.

For more information on the eternity wedding bands available now at GMG Jewellers, please call (306)-665-8463, explore the selection at  gmgjewellers.com, or visit us today in our state-of-the-art Saskatoon showroom!


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